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Fitness shoot – Nathasia

Fitness Photography Nathasia contacted us recently for a studio fitness shoot to co-inside with the launch of her new website as well as the opening of her new fitness studio. Nathasia knew exactly what she wanted and her level of professionalism made the shoot a real...

Winter shoot with Ivanka

We planned a winter shoot with Ivanka, not knowing that it will turn out to be the coldest day of the year. Ivanka is new to modeling and already she showed such professionalism in the shoot we did.  It is clear that she got her beautiful features from her Mom who...

Boudoir shoot with Charné

We recently had the privilege of doing a boudoir shoot with Charné. We booked a guest house honeymoon suite and spent half a day shooting.  The package we agreed on included the services of our professional make-up artist.  Charné was great to work with, even though...

Photographing Nastassja

We recently spent a day photographing the lovely fashion and beauty part time model, Nastassja Smit. As always, it was a pure delight to have worked with her.  Her professionalism and fun personality always makes shooting with her such a joy.  I believe we are going...

Social Events

We were recently booked to cover a private social event of a long standing client when their daughter turned 20.  It was held at their home in the Midrand area. An event such as that is something that cannot be repeated.  It is therefor important to book the right...

Elaine and her family

Elaine is a single Mom and recently she decided that it’s time for a family shoot.  Here, her Mom and her son came and spent about an hour in the studio with us recently.  She also ordered 2 canvas enlargements, one a black and white, of the...

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