My career as full time, freelance photographer began in the year 2000 very far from Gauteng. In 2007 we relocated my business to Gauteng and added a studio to the mix and later a boudoir studio as well. We soon made inroads into the female market, working with ladies of all ages on a variety of special occasions and through word of mouth we built up a sizeable client base which is still constantly growing. Added to that we developed a market in family photography which also includes couples. We shoot either in one of our two studios or at the client’s home, a hotel or guest house suite, or any other location the client prefers. That same market brought us in contact with maternity photography, baby births as well as new born and toddler shoots.

Over the years the studio had seen a variety of work done such as corporate portraiture (head shots) (for business cards, websites, company newsletters and annual reports), magazine cover shoots, CD covers, product shoots for catalogs, websites and product launches.

We also work at any other location preferred by the client. We have regular corporate clients where we do corporate portraiture on a bi-monthly basis. We also accompany delegates from international companies on trips through South Africa such as fact finding trips or incentive excursions. Added to that we also cover interiors, architecture, food and ‘movie stills’ as well as the documentation and photography of asset registers as well as photography of game for the purposes of game catalogs.

The company has expanded over the years and we now also cover graphic design (branding, corporate identity, logo’s etc), full video productions (corporate videos, music videos, training videos, TV commercials, short films) – from production planning, video to sound, to editing, including directing as well as website design and hosting.

We also source additional team members when required such as photographers, videographers, actors, models, extras etc.