Here are some of the results from a recent product shoot we did for a client who imports some of her products and has others made locally.

We did the photography at FOTOMAN Studio in Constantia Kloof on the West Rand.  We secured the services of a suitable model for the purpose of modeling the range of dresses that we had to shoot.  One of the main aspects ensuring success with a product shoot is correct lighting and that is why it is so much easier to do such a shoot in our own studios where conditions can be controlled to give the desired effect.  Contact us today to do your product shoot.

JLDFP_20150521_00108_2 JLDFP_20150521_00097_2 JLDFP_20150521_00095_2 JLDFP_20150518_00074_2 JLDFP_20150518_00072_2 JLDFP_20150518_00067_2 JLDFP_20150518_00064_2 JLDFP_20150518_00057_2 JLDFP_20150515_00032_2 JLDFP_20150515_00031_2 JLDFP_20150515_00025_2 JLDFP_20150515_00023_2 JLDFP_20150515_00003_2

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