How does the client select their photographs, how long does an order take and how does the client receive their order?…

How does the client select their photographs?

•  After the shoot I download the images and proceed to remove the unusable ones.

•  The images are then uploaded into a private online gallery and the link and password sent to the client.

•  At this stage the images are still unedited and just as they came out of the camera.

•  Each image has a unique number.

•  The client then sends us a list of the images they want to order.  A certain number of images will be included in the packages (depends on which package you selected), and the additional images will be on order according to the sizes the client wants.

•  The basic editing prices per photograph is R65 and that includes a Jumbo size print (10 cm X 15 cm).

•  If the client orders a enlargement at a higher price, the basic editing fee of R50 falls away.

How long does the order take to be processed?

•  Editing is what takes the time here and I am always busy with orders because I shoot every day.

•  I do however not waste time on a client’s order and I generally finish off an order in about 7 days from the day that I receive the order and final payment (for the order) from the client.

•  If the client is in a great hurry for the photographs for a specific reason I always try and help where I can to speed it up.

•  Enlargements as well as canvas enlargements generally take 7 to 10 working days to be delivered to the studio.

•  The client then collect it from the studio.

How does the client receive their order?

•  The client collects their orders from the studio after having made a telephonic arrangement with me.  Images can also be sent electronically, via WeTransfer.

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